450 Marlin Data Sources

As the 450 Marlin is rather new, the available reloading data is not as extensive as that provided for the 45-70. The usual sources of data are working to improve that situation. I will use this page to refer to sources of 450 Marlin load data that I have found. For reasons of liability and copyright restrictions, I will not reproduce or publish any of the data here, nor will I list any of my own loads.

350 gr. Hornady Interlock, 325 gr. Hornady FTX, 300 gr. Remington JHP,
425 gr. Beartooth Piledriver Jr, 300 gr. Nosler Partition, 250 gr. Barnes TSX

As always, your safety is your responsibility. Begin with starting loads and work your way up. Never exceed the maximum loads. Do not use the data for bullet weights not listed. If you do not have a thorough understanding of reloading, don't even start until you have read a good book on the subject (my recommendation is Modern Reloading, Second Edition by Richard Lee).

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