Review: Kimber 84M Classic (cont'd)

Indeed, my rifle is a delight to handle. Depending on the caliber, the 84M Classic weighs between 5 lbs. 9 oz. and 5 lbs. 13 oz. The overall length is 41¼ inches. I topped mine with a Leupold VX-II 2-7x33mm scope, which is also lighter weight and has a lower profile, adding only 10½ oz. to the package. Kimber sells "standard" scope bases for their rifles, which are solid and sensibly designed.

The Kimber 84M bolt is both shorter and slimmer
than those of typical bolt-action rifles

The 22" barrel and action are steel with a matte blued finish. The stock is grade A walnut with a hand-rubbed oil finish. The wood, the finish, and the checkering of the stock were all flawless. Honestly, the most beautiful factory rifle stock I have ever owned.

The action is glass bedded and pillar bedded, with the barrel free-floated all the way to the chamber area. These are features intended to improve the accuracy of a rifle, and are rarely found in a factory rifle.

The action is a controlled feed mechanism utilizing a Mauser-style claw extractor. It has a five-round internal box magazine with a hinged floorplate, the latch for which is located inside the trigger guard. The trigger is fully-adjustable for pull weight, creep, and over-travel.

I must admit, I have been disappointed in the accuracy of this rifle so far. Secretly, I had been hoping for ½ MOA groups. However, I am still searching for that magic combination of bullet and powder that will consistently yield sub-MOA groups. Up to this point, my best groups have been achieved with the 120 grain Sierra Pro-Hunter bullet and Hodgdon H4350 powder, and I can count on them producing 5-round groups that are about 1½ MOA. This is certainly good enough for deer hunting, but I had hoped for more.

Overall, the Kimber 84M Classic is an attractive rifle that is a pleasure to carry on long treks through the wilderness. However, while its accuracy is more than enough for deer hunting, this rifle has not lived up to my expectations for accuracy. A rifle bearing the name "Kimber" and having so many features to improve its accuracy should be able to bring me tighter groups than I have experienced so far. I like this rifle, and I am happy to have it for its intended purpose, but I sure would like to see it perform better. Perhaps someday soon I will find that magic load, and all will be as it should.

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